Small Group Training

Small Group Training is a new service at a great price point. These 30 and 60-minute classes allow only up to four participants. The same great personal trainers that conduct private PPT workouts also teach these classes, ensuring you receive personalized expert attention. We’ll get to know you, your strengths and limitations. Small classes mean we can deliver focused and personalized workouts whether there are four participants or just one.

Get a great workout in 30 or 60-minutes!

Take one class or back-to-back classes to make it a full hour. Each 30-minute class is unique so you'll get a great total body workout without compromise. We use functional equipment like dumbbells, TRX straps and balance boards to develop upper body, lower body and core strength. Participants can even use our cardio machines 30 minutes before or after class!

Your first 3 classes are only $31.
We have a full schedule of peak classes every 30-minutes.