Progressive Personal Training has small group training classes all day. Every class is kept small with a maximum of 5 participants. The same great personal trainers that conduct private workouts also teach our small group training classes, ensuring you receive personalized, expert attention.

We are centrally located to Chelsea, Midtown, Hell's Kitchen, Hudson Yards and the Garment District. Our shower facilities are excellent and with almost every major subway line just minutes away, you really have no excuse!

Welcome to High5

High5 is our signature small group training class suitable for all fitness levels. This 45-minute session targets the five components of fitness: cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. Small classes (5 person max) means we can deliver focused and personalized workouts

High5 Intro Package / 2 classes for $45
Full schedule of classes, 6 days a week.

Come Take The Lunchtime Express (LTX)

Take a break from work and treat your body to better health! There is a ton of research that points to the benefits of midday exercise: It leads to better job performance, improved stamina, more enthusiasm, and increased creativity. Plus, exercise reduces stress, which has endless benefits at both work and home.


Only $25 - LTX is your mid-day workout solution!

This 30-minute small group training class is a total-body, high intensity workout. It's quick and effective, giving you the boost you need to make the best of your day.

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How PHIIT Are You?

Progressive High Intensity Interval Training classes are 30-minutes and designed to impact cardiovascular endurance and conditioning quickly. We use short bouts of very high intensity exercise with shorter bouts of moderate exercise. We finish each PHIIT class with flexibility training, incorporating foam rollers and stretching to help realign the body.
NOTE: A base level of fitness is required to participate in PHIIT classes.

PHIIT classes start at only $26.