Overcoming Adversity


Challenges are part of life. Whether it's something simple like remembering to stretch after a workout or something more imperative like finding a job, we are constantly faced with them. More importantly, challenges make us better. If you take a moment to reflect on the adversities you have overcome in the past, you'll see that each one has made you stronger, wiser, better.  Reaching your fitness goals is just another challenge--one we know you can overcome.

  • Take it one day at a time and set simple goals.
  • Try a small group fitness class, where you won't feel lost in the crowd.
  • Conduct online research and get an idea of what you should be doing.
  • Recruit a friend or family member to give you guidance and motivation.

Most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP

PPT can help.  Our small group training classes are fun, efficient and effective.  We have some of the best personal trainers in New York City.  Contact us today!