Training For The D10 And A Good Cause

by James Camastra ...

A few months ago I was presented with a unique opportunity.  A woman named Crystal contacted PPT looking for someone to help her train for the D10, New York City.  It’s a 10-event competition, which fuses challenges from the Olympic Decathlon and the NFL Combine.  Athletes tackle 400- and 800-meter runs, as well as a 40-yard dash, a football throw, pull-ups, dips, a bench-press challenge, and more.  Most importantly, the event is a benefit for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Being a personal trainer with special interests in sport specific strength, conditioning and injury prevention and cancer survivor, this was right up my alley.  I was excited to help Crystal train for this was a match made in heaven!


“...and cancer survivor,”

Crystal In Action

Crystal In Action

Crystal had an excellent baseline of strength and conditioning, but with just 9 weeks to prepare we really needed to get more specific with her training.  She had some goals that she wanted to reach so the PPT team and I devised a plan and created a program to prepare her for each one of the 10 events.  Here is a summary of that program:

What Crystal did with us at PPT:

1. Worked to increase speed and vertical power through leg strength exercises and plyometrics

2. Practiced the 20 yard shuttle regularly to work on time and form

3. Performed specific upper body strength exercises to coincide with the tests: dips, bench press and pull-ups

4. Occasional running on the treadmill to coincide with her track work

5. Performed exercises to prevent injuries and vary stress: including external shoulder rotation, lateral lower body movements, active and passive stretching and foam rolling.

What she did on her own:

1. Took classes at Row House twice a week to improve her rowing times.  A 400 Meter row is one of the tests

2. Did track and/or treadmill work 2-3 times per week.  We encouraged her to get to the track, over the treadmill, as much as possible

3. Incorporated yoga on her "rest" days

4. Stopped taking exercise classes or doing anything that was not programmed to improve one or more of the tests.

Crystal’s focus and determination paid off.  She beat her goal or the D10 average in 7 of the 10 events.  In addition she was able to raise over $11,000 for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center!  On behalf of all of us at Progressive Personal Training, thanks and CONGRATULATIONS Crystal!

If you are training for an event, we can help.  Contact us.  Below is a final list of averages, goals and Crystal’s actual measures: