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PPT Co-Owners
James Camastra & Antonio Sini

Over 40 Years Of Training Experience

Passionate & Professional

"The key to a good workout is a good workout partner."

Let PPT be your exercise partner! For over 20 years James Camastra and Antonio Sini have been inspiring others to live healthier and happier lives. Armed with an MS in Exercise Science and Certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), James started PPT in 2004. Not long after he partnered with his friend and well-respected fitness expert, Antonio Sini. This dynamic duo, along with their team of highly educated trainers, have the experience and knowledge to help you be your best and exceed all your fitness goals. -- Check out PPT's reviews!

“Education has always been important to me. I only hire the best. Our trainers are highly skilled. That’s the key to delivering results quickly and safely. Clients really appreciate that about Progressive Personal Training. I’m proud of that.”James Camastra, PPT Founder

“We work with all sorts of clients, from those training for decathlons, to clients who have Parkinson’s. Because of our extensive knowledge and education, we often get referrals from Physical therapists who trust we have the skill to help. That really says something about PPT’s personal training.”Antonio Sini, Co-owner